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Baseground District- or Process Heating urgent required for the Cash Back of Biomass Power Engine

The Stirling based CHP system adds high value electricity production to an existing demand for heat.
The system can substitute existing fossil fuel based systems or can integrate with existing wood chips boiler systems.

The produced electricity substitutes electricity bought from the grid, and excess electricity is sold to the grid.

To obtain a favourable return on investment the Stirling system must run as base load supported by other heating sources for peak load.

The system is suitable for local combined heat and power production in district heating systems, industry, housing communities, schools, public pools etc.
The system produces CO2-neutral heat and electricity and substitutes electricity from fossil fuels.
In many regions a favourable feed-in tariff exists for electricity produced from biomass, which adds to the feasibility of the system.
Please contact us for further information on feed-in tariffs, CO2-credits or installation grants in your region.
The small-scale biomass based CHP system gives a unique possibility to utilize local resources for a sustainable production of local heat and electricity.

Stirling engine combined with simple updraft gasification for power production from biomass

Plant description

Wood chips enters the top of a conventional updraft gasifier, which basically consists of a reactor with air and recirculated flue gas entering at the bottom.

The updraft gasification process is simple and reliable and delivers a combustible gas directly to a specially designed combustion chamber where the Stirling engine is mounted.

No gas cleaning or gas conditioning devices are needed.

The Stirling engine produces electrical power from the heat. The remaining heat in the flue gas is used to preheat the combustion air and to heat district heating water in the economizer.
Heat is also generated in the engine and delivered to the heating grid.

Only effluents of the system are the cooled flue gas with low levels of CO and NOx and the ash leaving the bottom of the gasifier.

The plant is based on either the 35 kW SD3 engine or the SD7 75 kW engine and is scalable between 35 kWel and 150 kWel.
The setup can be combined with either a conventional wood chip boiler or a gas boiler for peak load coverage.


The system is ideal for small scale power production.
• Easily controllable gas combustion with low emissions and high system efficiencies
• Fully automatic operation
• No wood gas cleaning or flue gas filtration necessary
• Few components
• Proven technology with thousands of production hours on both engine and gasifier
• Flexible fuel requirements (standard design is for wood chips up to 55% moist


The engine is designed for low maintenance and long life time. The engine is hermetically sealed and is designed for service intervals up to 8000
The biomass handling system and combustion chamber are based on conventional technology.
Maintenance and operating costs are comparable to an ordinary biomass boiler of same size.
The heater panel is designed for biomass combustion.

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